Another fun day at the Dungeon

My slave came inn for his daily punishment routine



Fetish magazines started popping up around Paris in the late 1920s and some of these very first titillating publications glorified women’s “jambes” or legs.

One of these magazines was called Jambes Et Attitudes which when translated to English is the equally super-hot sounding, “Legs and Attitudes.” The magazine was published in Paris for about a year starting around 1930, and contained photos that were supposed to give you the impression that the images you were looking were candid – which they clearly are not. But they are incredible to look at (and slightly NSFW), which is what you should do right now. If this subject interests you, vintage copies of Jambes Et Attitudes can be found out there for anywhere from a hundred to a few hundred dollars a pop.




Femocracy 2017

Femocracy 3I am so happy to be part of the new world order of Female Supremacy, I was lucky to join Femocracy  World and lead the Houston group. Males who have discovered their true purpose in life and reached higher wisdom have surrendered to the Female State. Here males are only objects to be used, reconditioned to be nothing more than a slave.


Art from the famous Sardax

A simple portrait of Birmingham based Lady Sara Borgia with legs resting on a human drinks-table. Any slight wobbling of her drink is rewarded by a tug on the chain and well-aimed jab from her stiletto heel. Learn more about Sardax portraiture and commissioning at the main Sardax website Please remember if you are commissioning for a birthday […]

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